Effective Information System in Vehicle Using Arduino

Tin Tin Nwet, Thin Thin Hling, Kyi Kyi Khaing


Security in travel is primary concern for everyone. In my country, Myanmar, many accidents are caused in high way. My native town (Taungoo) is situated between the Yangon and Mandalay high way. So, my project is help traveling persons and leakage of gases from the vehicle which in turn causes accidents. This system can be  help to reduce the number deaths which caused due to lack of proper treatment at the right time. This project paper describes a design of effective information system that can monitor an automotive/vehicle/car condition in traveling. This project is designed to inform about the location of vehicle, accident that is occurred to a vehicle to the family members. This project uses accelerometer sensor which can detect the unevenness of vehicle and vibrations when an accident is occurred. This sends a signal to microcontroller. Vehicle accident detection system using GSM and GPS modems is done. Messages notifications are sent to the mobile number which is prescribed. This monitoring system is composed of a GPS receiver, arduino and a GSM Modern. GPS receiver gets the geo satellite information satellites in the form of latitude and longitude. The arduino processes this information and this processed information is sent to the user/owner using GSM modem.



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“SMART CAR MONITORING SYSTEM USING ARDUINO “ International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology volume:05 Issue 03: March 2018

’ Alcohol Detection Systtem in Vehicle Using Arduino” “ International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology volume:04 Issue 06:June 2017.


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