Implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Website of IKM Semanggi Harmony

Tiyan Ganang Wicaksono, Moh. Muhtarom


Website is very popular Online media used for promotion products besides simple and not too high cost can also reach all people across Indonesia But the problem there are a lot of similar websites Spread over in Internet And business actors will want the website is always tracked and occupy a position in the first page of the search engine so that many Internet visitors can visit and business actors can introduce products. to get website visitors used method of search engine optimization or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO makes the website search optimal, so internet users easily find the website. It is expected to develop its marketing and result in increased sales. This research has the purpose is to be able to Implementing the SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) Techniques and the promotion of IKM creative Semanggi Harmoni through online media. method of system development that will be used is waterfall method consisting of requirement, design, Implementation, Verification dan maintanance. The result of implementation can be concluded that originally did not index successfully Indexed by Google and at the time in the test website is on the second page for the keyword "Wayang kulit Werkudoro"and for speed, the ikm semanggi harmoni website get a score of 85 in pagespeed insights and 74% at GTmetrix.


Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Website Promotion, Small Medium industry

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