The Benefits of Infrastructure Availability on the Slums Area to The Development Of Medan Belawan Sub Districts

Chairul Abidin


Medan Belawan sub-district is one of the districts in Medan City, with an area of 2,820 Ha with total population in 2012 is 95,709 people (BPS Medan, 2013). Based on the Slum Area Survey conducted by the Medan City Government in 2012, it is known that in 5 of 6 urban villages in Medan Belawan sub-district, there are slum areas, Belawan Island Sicanang Island, Belawan Bahagia, Deli Chart, Belawan Bahari and Belawan I. Slums in the Medan Belawan sub-district faced with the problem of infrastructure. This research is about how the benefit of infrastructure availability in slum area to the development of area with benefit indicator that accepted by society in Medan Belawan Subdistrict. The realization of the availability of good infrastructure can be seen from the changing condition of the better and healthier environment in Medan Belawan Subdistrict, which in turn will affect the development of the region seen from the economic aspect (poverty). The results of the research include changes in the quality of the physical environment can be seen from the availability of infrastructure in the Sub-district of Medan Belawan. Government investments aim to provide the greatest benefit of public services, which means that the direct benefits received by the government are low. Likewise, in terms of infrastructure development in slum areas in the District of Medan Belawan, the benefits received by the government is relatively non-existent, but the benefits received by the community quite a lot. B/C is the value of the comparison between benefit and cost over the life of the project. The calculation of B/C is 1.256, it can be concluded that the development of slums in the sub-district of Medan Belawan feasible economically.

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