Media Relations and Communication of Crisis in the Digital Era

Juni Kurniawati


This paper aims to describe how the construction of an organization's media relations contributed to the success of crisis communication. In the body of an organization, the crisis becomes as a necessity that accompanies the dynamics in the body of the organization. The crisis in the organizational structure, can be  triggered by internal or external conflict. If the conflict is not well managed, it is likely to be publicly disproportionate. The mass media have a role to disseminate news are the ones who need to be made partner when we are experiencing a crisis organization.

This paper is a theoretical study and will use some of the literature to gain a foothold for analysis clicking crisis communication issues are some organizations that have occurred in Indonesia. The case or conflict of TNI AU ( Indonesian Air Forces ) mess of Cokrosuman, Surakarta and the Alexis hotel  will be illustrated in this study. Instead of comparing the two organizations is diametrically, because instead of apple and apple, but rather the attempt to describe that work for them - each in connection with the construction of media relation that they build.  The crisis within an organization will be affect the image / reputation in society. Especially in the digital age where news will be real time and simultaneously.


Communication of crisis, media relations, image, reputation, the digital era

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