Review on Etymological History of Exotic Cultured and Aquarium Fishes of Bangladesh

Md. Hadiuzzaman, Muhammad Forhad Ali, M. Ahsan Bin Habib


Commercially important 14 cultured and most popular 14 aquarium exotic fish and their scientific names have been illustrated in this review paper. Although aquarium owners keep many other ornamental fishes into their hobbies in Bangladesh. But most of them are close relatives or varieties or strains of the discussed aquarium species. For this, it would not be a problem for a person to identify them who is properly acquainted with these 14 species. Being exotic fishes their origin and distributions have been discussed. Scientific name explanations and the account of geographical locations will help to draw outstanding features of the concerned fish species. Fisheries scientists will find very useful information from this paper.


Bangladesh, exotic fishes, aquarium fishes, etymological history

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