Analysis of Practice Types on Biology Learning Materials Based on Biology Syllabus in XI Grade SMA Semester II Academic Year 2018/2019

Rinda Maryola, Dwi Hilda Putri


Biology instruction is an instruction which can develop students’ learning competence. Learning
Biology is not optimal if it does not involve students in real learning experiences. To get optimal result, one way
that can be done is by doing practice. Practice is very important to do in Natural Science learning, especially in
Biology because it can improve students’ understanding about learning materials. Based on Biology syllabus in
XI grade SMA semester II, there are some materials which are learned. Therefore, it needs to know types of
practice that can be done to learning materials in XI grade SMA semester II. Purpose of the research was to
analyze the types of practice that can be done to learning materials in XI grade SMA semester II academic year
2018/2019. Data were collected by analyzing curriculum, understanding syllabus and analyzing practice
activities through reviewing some biology practice guidelines. From data analysis, it reveals that from seven
materials learned in XI grade SMA, there are three materials which do not need practice activity. They are
excretion system, psychotropic, and breast milk learning materials. Meanwhile, there are four materials which
able to do some types of practice. They are seven types of practice done in respiration system material; three
types of practice done in coordination system material; one type of practice done in reproduction system
material and one type of practice done in immune system material.


Biology Learning Materials, Practice, Syllabus.

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