The Effect of Group Investigation (GI) Learning Model on Students’ Biology Skill Competence at Grade XI MIPA of SMAN 5 Padang

Arini Orin, . Syamsurizal, Yuni Ahda, Ramadhan Sumarmin


This research was aimed at finding out the effect of Group Investigation (GI) learning model on students’ biology skill competence. The research design of this research was quasi experimental research with randomized control post-test only design. The population of this research was all of the students of grade XI MIPA of SMAN 5 Padang enrolled on  2018/2019 academic year. The samples of this research were selected by using purposive sampling technique and XI MIPA 5 was selected as experimental class and XI MIPA 6 as control class. Skill observation sheet was used as an instrument in this research. The data analysis was analyzed by using normality testing, homogeneity testing, and hypothesis testing with SPSS. The result shows that there is significance difference between experimental and control class. The skill score of the experimental class is higher than the control class. The mean score of the experimental class was 85,56 while the control class was 82,53. In conclusion, Group Investigation can improve students’ Biology skill


Group Investigation (GI), Skill.

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