The Efforts to Improve the Students’ Motivation and Learning Outcomes in the History Subjectby Usingthe Sociodrama Method at Grade XI IPS I Man 1 Sungai Penuh

Nia Ariska, Siti Fatimah


The studywas aimed at improving  the students’motivation and learning outcomes in the History Subject by using the Sociodrama Method at grade XI IPS 1 MAN 1 Sungai Penuh. This study was a Classroom Action Research. The subject of the study was XI IPS 1 students totaling 24 students. The data of this study were collected by using questionnaires to see the changes in the students’ motivation in cycles I and II. For the learning outcomes, the test was used. The data obtained were analyzed by using a percentage analysis.

The results of the study related to the learning motivation showed an improvement starting from the pre-cycle of 62% improving in the first cycle by 74%, then improving again in the second cycle to 82%. This illustrates a very satisfying improvement in the motivation. The improvement that occured in each cycle starting from the pre cycle or before the cycle was only included in the low criteria then after the first cycle it highly improved , then it improvedvery highly in cycle II. This shows that every cycle of the students’ motivation improved. The improvement in the students’ learning motivation was also followed by an improvement in the students’ learning outcomes starting from the pre-cycle only reaching 69% (incomplete) then improving in the first cycle by 75% (complete), and improving again in the second cycle by 85% (complete). This was because in conducting research using the Sociodrama Method required the students to be active in the learning process.

Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that the students' motivation and learning outcomes in the History Subject can be improvedby using the Sociodrama method. Then, it is suggested to the teacher to be able to use the Sociodrama method as a way to improve the students’ motivation and learning outcomes in the History Subject.



Sociodrama Method, Motivation, Learning Outcomes

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