Experiencing an Active Learning Approach: From PhD Students and Their Professor’s Perspective

Hussien Kedir Kelil


The main purpose of this study was to assess the reflection of PhD students on an active learning approach used by their professor who taught them the course qualitative research methods in education. Thirteen PhD students were participated in taking the course. Informal observations were made on the roles and activities of each student and the role played by the professor. Interviews (with general interview guide approach) were also conducted with five students. Furthermore, focus group discussion was made with five of the participants in order to triangulate the data. Finally, a very short interview was also conducted with the professor who handled the course. The findings of the study revealed that both the students and the professor did enjoy the approach used through out the course. Students enjoyed their participation, interaction, exchange of views and active involvements in holding responsibilities to learn from their own experience and the experience of others. They believe that they did get sufficient dosage of intellectual knowledge and experience from their professor to start critical thinking in constructing knowledge. The instructor also enjoyed the participation, interaction, maturity level of his students. He found his inputs directing the students towards the start of critical thinking. 


Active Learning Approach, PhD Students, Professor’s Perspective.

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