Assessment of Strength Characteristics of Cement Stabilized Lateritic Soil Using Rice Husk Ash for Road Construction

Ilesanmi Olanrewaju Olofintuyi


This study investigated the effect of rice husk ash (RHA) on the strength properties of cement stabilized  lateritic soil. Geotechnical and chemical tests were used to characterize both the raw and treated laterite.  Rice Husk Ash (RHA) was used in the present study as admixture. The compaction test, specific gravity, triaxial compressive strength test and California bearing ratio tests of the samples were carried out with varying proportions of RHA; 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% and 10%. The soil classification test showed that the soil is A-7-6 soil on the AASHTO soil classification system. The specific gravity test result showed that specific gravity of 2.70 was obtained. There was an increase in dry density from 1.325mg/m3 at 0% to 2.3mg/m3 at 10% RHA + 6% cement content. The CBR value increased from 11.00% in its natural state to 102.05% at 10% RHA + 6% cement content. The Triaxial compressive  strength test  showed that the frictional angle increased from 22° at 0% to 28° at 8% RHA and the test maintained a considerable cohesion with the varied percentage of RHA. Therefore, RHA has been proved to be a good admixture on the improvement of the engineering properties of lateritic soil for road construction.


Assessment, Strength Characteristics, Cement, Lateritic Soil, Rice Husk Ash, Road Construction.

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