Social Penetration of Community TB Care ‘Aisyiyah Cadre in Early Detection on Suspect TB

Hetty Mei Ratnawati, Sutopo JK, Mahendra Wijaya


ABSTRACT-Tuberculosis (TB) is still a public health problem that has become a global and national challenge. Indonesia is currently ranked 4th out of 22 countries that have a high TB burden. While the number of TB cases in Indonesia in Central Java is still below the global target. In Surakarta, TB discovery cases show a number that is less consistent from year to year. With a high population growth, the number of TB cases is less significant. In order to increase TB case screening, it can be done through Early Detection of TB Cases by cadres. Through the Early Detection Model TB cases by cadres are better because they are consistent with one of the elements of the WHO's new strategy to stop TB, namely patient and community empowerment.

This study aims to find out and analyze how Community TB Care ‘Aisyiyah Surakarta cadres conducts social penetration processes to TB suspects so that they are willing to conduct early detection of TB disease. In this study, the author focused on the stages of social penetration carried out by cadres. The writing of this thesis uses a qualitative descriptive method. The source of the data came from in-depth interviews and observations with Community TB Care 'Aisyiyah cadres

The results of the study show that the cadre of Tb Care ‘Aisyiyah community is in the orientation phase using a combination of active and informative strategies to find TB suspects. Then in the exchange of affective assessments and affective exchanges, costs and rewards incurred are equitable and stable exchange occurs when the cadre becomes a companion cadre taking medication for TB patients. With this social penetration, it is expected that the Aisyiyah Surakarta Community TB Care cadre can perform their role well so that the discovery numbers meet the target and Indonesia can be free from TB disease in 2020.


Keywords: Social Penetration, Community TB Care ‘Aisyiyah Cadre, Suspect TB, Early Detection of TB, Tuberculosis (TB)


Social Penetration, Community TB Care ‘Aisyiyah Cadre, Suspect TB, Early Detection of TB, Tuberculosis (TB)

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