Described the Educational, Scientific, and Educational Institutions of the Miniature

Sh.B. Nazirbekova, NN Talipov, R.R. Jabbarov


Pigment is a color powder that is the main component of any dye. When preparing pigment paint, some requirement is placed on them. Artistic requirements for pigments are as follows: color clarity, long duration of storage, lack of light effects, good mixing with connectors, the ability to cover one or the other layer. Pigments are separated into organic and inorganic species. Organic pigments are derived from plants and have the ability to penetrate the surface, mainly because they are used to dye the fabrics. They are resistant to light and have a grinding effect. These features do not meet the requirements for painting paints. Since the neutral pigment coating properties are lubricant and can be used in dark and liquid conditions, they are the main raw material for the preparation of paints. The substance of the pigments is referred to as the substance or substance of the substance, metal or geographical location. Here are some sources of pigment removal.


Educational, Scientific, Educational Institutions, the Miniature

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