Android-Based Interactive Learning Multimedia Validity in Genetic Substance and Synthesis Protein for Students of Medical Laboratory Technology (TLM)

Anggun Sophia, . Yensasnidar


Molecular biology is one of the subjects supporters comm pete Qu for students of Medical Laboratory Technology (TLM) in STIKes Perintis Padang. The learning process and learning outcomes of molecular biology at this time are still a problem because the material contained in molecular biology courses is abstract so that students have difficulty in studying and applying the material , therefore, the role of lecturers is needed in choosing learning media for students. This research aims to produce interactive android based learning multimedia on genetic substance and protein synthesis material for valid medical laboratory technology (TLM) students. This research is a research development of learning media. This research refers to the Plomp development model.What is done in the study up to 4 stages, namely (1) problem analysis, (2) needs analysis, (3) product design and (4) product validity. Data validity based on android interactive learning interactive multimedia obtained from the validity questionnaire filled out by the validator. The results of the validity study obtained a value of 84.45 %. The conclusion of this research is theproduction of interactive android based learning multimedia on genetic material and protein synthesis material for medical laboratory technology students (TLM) which is very valid.


Multimedia, Interactive, Android , Biology, Molecular

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