The Development of Children's Linguistic Intelligence in Speaking Through Audio-Visual Media and Thematic Integrated

Nailis Saadah, . Rakimahwati


This study aims to describe the process of developing early linguistic intelligence in speaking through audio visual media and thematic integrated. Research and development method was done by using 4-D model. The study was conducted at the Matahari Saning Bakar Kindergarten, Solok Regency. Validity, Practicality and Effectiveness has been done in this research. The result of the test showed that the average of 95.4% was obtained. Practicality data (DLIP) through observation sheets reached 80%. Meanwhile, the results of the questionnaire on the media obtained 90.63%, and 84.8%, respectively for teachers and children. Effectiveness test of audio visual media was 95.4% categorized as very active in children's activities, mastery learning 92.5 with very good criteria. Thus it can be concluded that the development of children's linguistic intelligence in speaking through audio-visual media is very valid, practical, and effective.


Intelligence, Linguistic, Speaking, Audio Visual, Thematic Integrated.

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