Improving Professional and Pedagogical Training of Cadets in the Military Institutes

Bakhodir Abduraimov


This article discusses a problem of developing and modernizing contemporary system of military education. Limitations in sphere of psychology, methodology, pedagogy, and military specialists’ skills are revealed. Necessity of making an optimal decision in sphere of education in military high schools, perfecting a pedagogic discipline of future officers is substantiated.


Military Specialist Training, Officer, Military Service, Methodic Mastery, Military High School Graduate, Practical Activity, Respect To The Motherland, Private Discipline

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Moltenckoy V.I. main problems and ways to improve the training of officers at the present stage of construction of the state military organization/V.I.Moltenskoy//Bulletin of the Academy of Military Sciences. -2005. -#4

Military didactics: Textbook -2nd edition, revised/under the general editorship of V.G.Mikhailoylovskiy. –M.: ID “Kupriyanova”, 2010. -503p.


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