Towards A Well-Improved Campus Community

Zin Zin Moe


- This paper is intended to contribute towards carrying out a pleasant, green and clean campus. According to the existing condition, the campus is not in systematic plan. Unwanted plants and bushes in the campus are covering the places of necessity to form suitable spaces. With this view in mind, this paper is meant for the campus planning which can practically be carried out to form a really refreshing campus filled with green environment not only for the students, teacher and staff but also for the visitors and everybody else.To be specific, this paper is applied, taking into consideration of outlooks from many points of view, to create a campus planning integrated with green space and green area. And the purpose of a campus plan’s document is to form a basis for the architectural character, composition and topology of future buildings, groups of building and exterior spaces on the campus. In this paper, the following factors will be analyzed: Zoning and Site Layout with connectivity and circulation; Pedestrian and Public Spaces; Way finding or Signage; Campus Landscape Goals and Major Spaces; and Landscape Elements. Finally a developed campus planning by making the best use of the existing condition is to be proposed. By presenting the existing condition of the campus such as disadvantage and advantage, difficulties and issues, this paper is aimed to recommend to the best of our knowledge based on safety, being eco-friendly and cost-effective.


Campus Planning, Landscape Design, Green Open Space, Cost Effective, Ecofriendly

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