Production of Biodiesel Using Calcium Oxide (CaO) Nanoparticle Synthesized from Chicken Eggshell

Oliver N. Maitera, Edmond Moses, P. M. Dass


 Application of low cost high free fatty acids (FFA) feedstock may reduce its overall cost of production.  Transesterification reaction process was performed to produce biodiesel using crude palm oil, and the process provided higher biodiesel yield of 80% but somehow law in comparison to EN 14214 (96.60 %). The oil was transesterified using an alcohol (methanol). All the experimental runs carried out were designed using central composite design (CCD) coupled with surface response methodology (RSM) software (Design-Expert 12 software – the latest version (Stat-Ease Inc., USA). Thus, the yield obtained varies from 58% to 80%, the lowest yield was found to be 58% while the highest yield for this production was found to be 80%. With these results, it is clear that CaO nanoparticle is a good catalyst for catalysis in production of biodiesel.


Biodiesel,Calcium Oxide (CaO),Nanoparticle Synthesized,Chicken Eggshell

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