Development and Characterization of Calcium Oxide Nano-Particle from a Household Waste (Chicken Eggshell) in Mubi, Adamawa State Nigeria

Edmond Moses, Oliver N. Maitera, P. M. Dass


CaO nanoparticle was synthesized from a chicken eggshell by the means of Chemical Co-precipitation of wet chemical synthesis method and this process basically be classified under the Bottom-Up process of production of nanopartiles. This shows the utilization and recycling of household wastes and the recycling process may also be performed on other household waste. XRF shows the total composition of 98.64%. This shows the perfection, precision and accuracy of the procedure utilized during the processes. The elemental composition shows that the Ca is with 56.65% and 43.35% oxygen. SEM analysis shows that the particle size is nearly cubic in shape and the approximate size of the particle was calculated using Debey Scherrer equation and found to be 23.76nm. The Energy Dispersive spectroscopy of the substance shows the highest optical dispersion of Ca at 3.5keV while oxygen shows optical dispersion at 0.50KeV. Thermogravimetric analysis shows that the synthesized particle is thermally stable, 50% of the particle show perfect stability even at temperature of 950oC. FTIR analysis of the synthesized particle shows a very limited signals on the absorption band and this clearly indicates the total conversion of the main components of eggshell (CaCO3) into CaO nanoparticle.



Calcium Oxide, Nano-Particle , Household Waste, Chicken Eggshell

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