Speech as a Psychic Process

Dildora Turaeva Anvarovna


As a result of the changes in the society, linguistics, like all other disciplines, has begun to emerge. In particular, new areas of science such as psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, cognitive linguistics are fundamentally new areas in the study of meaning, understanding and information related to the human psyche and thinking. The relevance of these areas is that the human spirit, mood, character, and so on play a key role in communicating effectively. Although the interest in psycholinguistics in world linguistics first began in the middle of the last century, the focus is on its versatility, its linguistic focus and its most interesting and relevant issues. The richness of the material soon led to a large group of scholars doing considerable research in this area. Since the sixties of the last century, the scope of field research has increased dramatically. The number of scholars who have made significant progress in the development of the new field is growing. N. Chomsky, A.A.Leontev, J. Piaje, J. Miller, S.L.Rubinstein, M.M.Rozental, A.M.Shahnarovich, Ch.Hacket, N. Johnson, V.Levelt, M.Brain, R. Jacobson and others have conducted researches. Scientists have studied human emotions such as affect (strong but short-term emotional reactions), emotions (long and persistent emotional reactions), mood and stress (strong emotional shock). Naturally, fiction has the potential to express all kinds of emotions. After all, each writer has his or her own worldview, spiritual world.


Language, Speech, Psycholinguistics, Human Psychology, Emotion, Emotional State, Emotional Impact, Mood.

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