Toxoplasmosis among Pregnant Women at the Intergrated Health Center in Mahajanga (Madagascar): A Preliminary Study

Francine Isabelle Rakotonindrina, Rivo Solotiana Rakotomalala, Mireille Anita Fenosoa Tsatoromila, Tahirimalala Rabenandrianina, Davidra Rajaonatahina, Odilon TIANDAZA, Norotiana RABESANDRATANA, Diavolana ANDRIANARIMANANA, Pierana RANDAOHARISON, Andriamiadana Luc RAKOTOVAO, Aimée Olivat RAKOTO ALSON, Andry RASAMINDRAKOTROKA, Zely RANDRIAMANANTANY, Lala Rasoamialy-Soa RAZANAKOLONA


Serological screening for toxoplasmosis in pregnant women is not systematic in Madagascar. However, the urban lifestyle and the often precarious lifestyle of the population are a favourable factor in the onset of the disease. The objectives of this study were to determine the seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis in pregnant women who came for an initial prenatal visit at the Integrated Health Center (IHC) Mahabibo, and to determine the socio-demographic factors that can influence the serological status of these patients in order to propose suggestions for improving the management of toxoplasmosis in pregnant women in Madagascar.We conducted a prospective, descriptive and analytical study of pregnant women in first prenatal visit at the IHC Mahabibo from May to July 2018. A questionnaire on risk factors and knowledge of the pathology was conducted to participants. They have benefited a blood sample for free serological screening of toxoplasmosis using the Rapid Lab® EIA technique. A second sample was taken after one month for pregnant women who came to 2nd prenatal visit. The biological study was carried out in the laboratory of the PZaGa Mahajanga University Hospital Center.

A total of 96 serologies were performed, including 58 screenings and 38 follow-ups.  The seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis was 36.2%. We found 23.7% seroconversion suggestive of recent infection. The seropositivity of toxoplasmosis was 85.7% among pregnant women who consumed raw vegetables and 71.4% among those who ate undercooked meat (p>0,05).

Awareness of the risks of contamination, systematic serological surveillance and hygiene measures should be provided during prenatal visits.


EIA, pregnant women, serology, toxoplasmosis

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