Impact of Permittivity and Radiation Pattern on the Performance of a Dipole Antenna

Srabanti Datta, Md. Omor Faruk


In this research article, a comprehensive simulative work has been made to investigate the performance of a dipole antenna using two parameters: Permittivity and Radiation pattern. Firstly, a 1m Cu dipole antenna is designed to evaluate the performance. Secondly, to inspect the efficiency of the antenna, return loss, VSWR, reflection coefficient, mismatch loss and port current are taken into consideration. It is found form the simulative study that it provides near to zero effect on the considered characteristics in case of 2-4.5 permittivity of the antenna material. In this region of the permittivity, the port current remains constant and the value is around 0.01205A. The radiation pattern of the antenna has been noticed by changing frequency 7.494811 MHz to 134.9066 MHz. The simulation work is made by using Matlab2018a and Comsol Multi-Physics simulation software.


Permittivity; Radiation Pattern; Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR); Return loss; Bandwidth; —Reflection Coefficient; S- parameter

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