Co-Precipitation (Synthesis) of a Catalyst (CaO Nanoparticle) from a Household Waste from Gombi L. G. A, Adamawa State Nigeria

Edmond Moses, B. A. Thliza, Joseph J. Deshi


A usefull catalyst calcium oxide (CaO) nanoparticle was synthesized from a chicken eggshell using the means of Chemical Co-precipitation of the wet chemical synthesis method and this process basically be classified under the Bottom-Up process of production of nanopartiles. This shows the utilization and recycling of household wastes and the recycling process may also be performed on other household wastes Thermogravimetric analysis shows that the synthesized particle is thermally stable, 50% of the particle show perfect stability even at temperature of 950oC. FTIR analysis of the synthesized particle shows a very limited signals on the absorption band and this clearly indicates the total conversion of the main components of eggshell (CaCO3) into CaO nanoparticle.


Co-Precipitation, CaO Nanoparticle, Catalyst, Household West from Gombi L. G. A

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