Three Point Sampling Scales Chaetodontidae Method (TPSSCM) For Coral Reef Fishes Chaetodontidae Family

Abdul Razak, . Vauzia


Coral reef fishes Chaetodontidae family have characteristic scales and linea lateralis position. This coral reef fishes family unique and have some color and specific as ornamental salt water fishes. This article aims to describe scales different point: dorsal point, linea lateralis point and ventral point are different. The scales sampling taken according Three Point Sampling Scales Chaetodontidae Method (TPSSCM). They are as reasons for new technic sampling. Until now, no research about scales of Coral Reef Fishes Chaetodontidae.The result of the research showed microstructure scales dorsal point, linea lateralis point and ventral point are different. Different component scales at dorsal point, linea lateralis point and ventral point are indicate scales of Coral Reef Fishes Chaetodontidae specific and unique if we are going compare to another scales fishes consumption or scales of freshwater fishes. Conclusion, Three Point Sampling Scales Chaetodontidae Method (TPSSCM) can indicated different position of scales are different morphology or shape of scale elements.


Keywords : Coral reef fishes, Chaetodontidae, scale, Three Point Sampling Scales Chaetodontidae Method (TPSSCM)

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