Teaching Technical Terminology of English Language to Nophilological Students

Aisafar Murtazaeva


Technical terminology is a word or phrase that expresses specific or abstract concepts in a particular field. Students learn the questions about the electronic terminology and  the technical terms in the textbook by understanding the technical terms and difficulties and errors in translation, terms in scientific texts, types of technical terms, abbreviations in technical texts, technical terminology, formulation and maintenance of learning terminology  are inextricably  linked.  Electronic  dictionaries  and  books are important for students to  learn  vocabulary  and  technical vocabulary.


Technical Translation, Technical Translator, Technical Terminology, Technical Terms, Technical Terms Translation Techniques, Vocabulary, Abridgement.

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Golovin B. N., Cobrin R. Yu Linguistic: terminals. 1987. - 104 p.

Remeslo B. N. Technical translator. The English language, translation and science-technical literatury. 3d ed. - M., 2011. - 488 p.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.52155/ijpsat.v17.2.1462


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