Social Problems Reflected through Literature (On John Grisham’s Creativity)

Akobirova Sarvar Tuyevna, Niyazov Ravshan Turakulovich


Changes in world literary criticism, along with the expansion of the ideological content and themes of legal detective works, have created individual artistic styles of writers to represent criminal and investigative processes. This allowed us to develop new artistic skills that allow us to effectively and convincingly analyze the human psyche and the spiritual world from different angles. That is why this article examines the literary features of legal detective work in world literature and analyzes its scientific and practical features. This is also explained by the fact that the formula for the development of legal detective work is the result of various partial changes, new methods of killing or specifically hiding the identity of the criminal, as well as the inevitable familiarization of the reader with the new methods and techniques used by the detective. The article also emphasizes the fact that among other fiction books, legal detective works also have a special place for the detective lover of the whole world. From a scientific point of view, it is justified that the renewal of social and legal relations in modern society and its concrete expression in fiction increasingly require legal detective works. This article mainly analyzes the content and stages of the development of the detective genre in world literature. The forms of manifestation of the concept of the genre in literature and art, as well as the features of detective works in world and Uzbek literature are covered by theoretical and empirical facts. In addition, it is scientifically substantiated that the content and stages of the development of the detective genre in the United States were to some extent studied by literary scholars from different countries.


Genre, John Grisham, Critical Analysis, Fiction, Novel, History, Tragedy, Comedy, Pure Art, Detective Characters, Characters, Fiction, Crime, Justice, Detective, Legal Detective, Thriller.

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