New Interpretation of Beruni's Pseudonym

Asror Nizomov


Beruni's rich scientific heritage is not yet fully understood. Beruni learned from the great scientist Abu Nasir ibn Iraq about the Euclidean geometry and Ptolemy's astronomical teachings. Till 995 he solved the practical issues of astronomy, geography, geodesy, created the globe of the Earth and sky, and wrote several books on astronomy. One of these works was completed in 1025 by Geodesy. This work is devoted to "setting the boundaries of places to determine the distance between cities". At the end of Chapter 4, Biruni contemplated the measurement of the circumference of the Earth. From time immemorial, people have been interested in knowing the shape and size of the earth, and different peoples have different views of the shape of the Earth.


Beruniy, Beruni, Kat, Khorezm, Desert, Binkat, Banokat, Pseudonym.

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