Benefits of Community Based Organizations for community development

Arshad Ali, Ali Khan


The research is based on comparative study which evaluates the performance of various Community Based Organizations in different localities of Nowshera Kalan (Pakistan) after 2010 floods which devastated the whole region, with the aim to find relationship between Community Based Organizations and community development. After the 2010 floods, people in Nowshera Kalan were facing too many problems for removing mud, dead animals and repair and cleaning of houses. Many national and international nongovernmental organizations intervened to help the affected people, but they were unable to contact any elder or representative from each locality. These nongovernmental organization s had encouraged these communities based organizations for each locality and then provided them financial support and resources for restoration and reconstruction of lifelines and livelihoods. For this research, progress reports of Various Community Based Organizations in the study area were studied who worked in different areas like education, public health, WATSAN (Water and sanitation), public awareness, sustainable livelihood and social welfare of the community. The study found that there is a strong relationship between Community Based Organizations and community development. Educating and Encouraging local population about the importance of community based organizations and its role in problem solving of a particular community is of utmost importance. The study highlights visible changes among the two communities having and lacking  these organizations. They can play vital role in community development if funds are provided and enhanced their capacities and resource base.

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