Social Practice of Divorce Suit by the Wife Among Civil Servant in West Sumatra Provincial Government

. Fitrawati, . Jendrius, Alfan Miko


Divorce suit by the wife has became a trend among civil servant lately. Data from Regional Staffing Agency of West Sumatra Province shows from 2014 to 2018 there was an increasing number of divorce suits by the wife who is the civil servant in West Sumatra. In 2014, there were 19 cases and 10 were suit by the wife. In 2018 of 44 cases, 34 suit by the wife. Previous literature observed factors causing this to occurs. Its interesting to study further because whether the wife's involvement in subsistence impact the high rate of divorce suit by the wife. This paper will convey relationship between divorce suit by the wife with wife education level, age, duration of work, structural level, positions and husband proffesion. A qualitative study of civil servant who already had divorce suit by wife was obtained by processing data in West Sumatra Regional Staffing. Furthermore, Giddens structuration theory (1984) on recurrent social practices will be used in data analysis. Giddens opined repetitive social practices as the most important analytical aspect of his structural theory. In Giddens language, social practices are reviewed and updated continuously according to new information, which in turn changes constitutional social practices (Giddens, 1990). Results showed majority of civil servant in West Sumatra divorced over the age of 40 with bachelor and master education level, structural level III and most positions were teachers because from 20,244 total number of civil servant in West Sumatra around 11,300 are teachers.


Divorce Suit by The Wife, Civil Servant, Social Practice

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