Investigating the Effect of Crocin on the Expression of TRKB Gene in the Cerebellum of Morphine-Addicted Rats

Faryad Sharifian, Saina Rasooli


Background: Addiction to opium and other drugs is a problem that is increasingly widespread across the world. According to studies, in vitro models, the continued use morphine and its related compounds can cause to producing abnormal proteins, affect the transcription of various genes in different tissues and parts of the body, including the cerebellum. Therefore, in this study, we investigated the effect of crocin on the expression of morphine-dependent TRKB gene in the rat cerebellum.

Methods: The expression levels of TRKB gene in four main groups checked by Real Time-PCR method after RNA extraction and cDNA synthesis. The comparative threshold cycle (2-△△CT) method and T-test was used to compared expression in treatment and control groups.

Results: Results of TrkB gene analysis showed that crocin increased TrkB gene expression compared to the control group (P> 0.05). Also, results of morphine-addicted rat show that crocin compensates for reduced TrkB gene expression in morphine-addicted rat (P <0.01).


Keyword: Opium, TRKB, expression, Real Time-PCR method, Rat, crocin, morphine.


Opium, TRKB, Expression, Real Time-PCR Method, Rat, Crocin, Morphine.

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