Political Dress Code of Hadi Rudyatmo and Ahmad Purnomo In Mayoral Candidacy of Surakarta: An Derrida's Deconstrution Analysis

Akhmad Nur Ikhsan



This study aims to determine the hidden meaning behind the use of lurik clothes and caping by the mayor and vice mayor of Surakarta. Incumbent pair, FX Hadi Rudiyantmo and Ahmad Purnomo in each campaign use lurik clothes and caping. This study uses interpretive paradigm with guided understanding of text with Derrida's theory of decontruction. This theory is deliberately used to meet aporism  that may arise from the text. The data analyzed is a photo of the couple's campaign in the form of photos in newspapers, billboards and stickers. The results show that the selection of campaign constants is based on a very big ambition to return to power. Outwardly do wear the clothes used by parking and masak shop in the city of Solo, which is imagined as a form of empathy a leader to the small people, or wong cilik. But the reading with Derrida's theory of decontruction is not a suit of sincerity and empathy, but entirely a political dress. The outfit that actually signifies a very strong political lust, not a movement about the simplicity of dress, and more to political imagery.


Deconstruction, Dress Code, Campaign, Politics

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