Analysis of Allocation Funds on Community Welfare in Blangkejeren District Gayo Lues Regency Aceh Province

Aidil Fikr Hasirimi, Prof. Erlina. SE.M.Si.Ph.D.Ak.CA, Prof. Dr. Drs.H.B. Tarmizi.SU


The implementation of the “Kampung” Allocation Fund program stated by the Gayo Lues Regency Government, were  challenges for sub-district governments to maximize the allocation of village funds. This was the concern of sub-district and village governments as policy makers. The government wanted to find out how to implement the village fund allocation program as a strategic step in the effort of community empowerment to improve community welfare of Blangkejeren District. This study was about the influence of the allocation of village funds towards improving the welfare of the community in the Blangkejeren District of Gayo Lues Regency of Aceh Province. The method of analysis used in this research was descriptive analysis and multiple regression analysis. The results obtained that the policy of Kampung Fund Allocation Program (ADK) in District Blangkejeren Gayo Lues District ran quite well. This could be seen from the ADK program with the variables of the physical development of the village (X1), and the non-physical development of the kampung (X2) had a positive and significant influence on the community welfare in Blangkejeren District, Gayo Lues Regency.


Allocation of Kampung’s Funds; Public welfare; Gayo Lues; Development.

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