The Impact of Sustainable Management of Commercial Properties on Investment Returns in Orlu, Imo State

Emenike Kingsley Chikwuado, Ezeudu Christian Uchenna


Sustainable management in commercial properties is becoming an in thing aiding investors to recoup sum of capital invested in real property. This approach was derived from green building, since the world is in desperate search for methodology in exploring the environment without destroying it. The aim of this study is to examine the impact of sustainable management of commercial properties on investment return in Orlu, Imo State.  And application of statistical tool  correlation using Pearson r, T-test and analysis of variance techniques were employed to assess the significant difference in assumption that the impact flow from a particular direction.  On the identified variables. However, the results revealed that the significant was trivial which means that the impact is depending on some variables in which the outcome is economic benefit, environmental safety and social orderliness which is the zenith one can achieve from sustainable property management.


Impact, sustainable management, Commercial properties, investment, returns

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