A3872G polymorphism of " C-reactive protein gene (CRP)" in patients with breast cancer

Intisar Hussein Ahmed


"C-reactive protein (CRP)" is the phenotype intense stage protein initiated by hepatocytes, known as an inflammatory biomarker." CRP "is related with an extensive variety of infections, including atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus. Breast malignancy remains a noteworthy issue of women' wellbeing and its rate is expanding worldwide .Due to importance of CRP polymorphism, we aimed to determine the frequency of "SNP   rs1205 of CRP gene" and investigate this polymorphism in a group 20 breast cancer patients. G allele is a major one in the studied population. This allele is more common in breast cancer patents (1.00). The minor allele in patients with breast cancer is T .The patients with breast cancer are more likely to own GG genotypes.  These preliminary data can be considered as pilot ones. These data give reason to assume that G is a predisposing allele to breast cancer.


C-reactive protein, polymorphism,breast cancer,genotype

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