Understanding to The Art of Communication of President Jokowi in The New Media Era

Ridwan Purwanto


This study aims to obtain a theoretical explanation about the style of communication and the art of diplomacy of president Jokowi, in the era of new media. Jokowi as president is the state symbols, and it is inevitable that his message conveyed will receive extensive attention from the public. Moreover, the media of dissemination of the message used by President Jokowi also present / current. New Media, with all its derivation is used by the president to dissemination message he made. This research paper is a literature review with the main data sources are books on communication style theory and leadership, as well as theories about new media technology. The secondary of materials used is a variety of reports about Jokowi communication activities in the mass media.

The results showed, Jokowi is a type of leader with the communication style likes everyday communication with local wisdom, fully consciousness of technological communication literate, and fully consciousness of space and time. The conclusion can be drawn from this reflection is Jokowi combines between nature and culture. Nature in this context is the aspect of Jokowi's distinctive communication skills and culture is the product of human thought which in this context is represented by new media technology. Once again Jokowi combined the two of entities very well. 


The Arts of Communication, President Jokowi, New Media

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