Development of a Color Tutoring System on Smart Phone for Children Enhanced Learning

Ihedioha Uchechi Michael, Onyedeke Obinna Cyril, Taoufik Elmissaoui, Mathew Daniel E., Modesta E. Ezema, Agubata Chidinmma, Nnamdi Johnson Ezeora, Ijeoma Faith Nnoje


In the meantime, smart phones are the most popular device in the globe, as it is still in evolvement and advancement. Almost everybody has a personal smart phone device in the recent. One of the potentials of these smart phones is to run a diversity of applications, making handlers to use it most of the time as well as for discharging their daily tasks. The aim of this study is to develop an expert system running on android smart phones. This paper is an expert system for color tutoring in nursery and primary schools. An application which emphasizes the use of color in teaching nursery grade to primary pupils developed in Java on Android using a service-oriented architecture. The system runs on mobile devices and offers smart features that evaluates and uses color and picture to select and describe different types of entities and real world vegetation and surroundings. Equations of life can be easily seen in pictures since colors are very noticeable and the eyes tend to float back and forth on paintings. The system will use a rule-based engine and scripting environment implemented in Java which reasons with the use of knowledge databases implemented as declarative rules.


Expert system, color Tutoring, Smart phone.

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