Production of High Performance Mortar Containing Metakaoline and Silica Fume

Abdalaziz Saad Shawkat, Eethar Thanon Dawood


The utilization of Pozzolanic materials is fundamental in producing low cost construction materials for utilization in growing nations. This paper elaborates on the effect of Silica fume (SF) and Metakaolin (MK) mixture as a partial replacement of cement in mortar. The using of the high range water reducer (superplasticizer) gives higher quality than plane mixes. (SF) is a ‘‘very fine noncrystalline silica produced in electric arc furnaces as a by-product of production of elemental silicon or alloys containing silicon’’. The fundamental physical effect of (SF) in concrete is that of filler, because of its fineness can fill the voids between (OPC) particles in the same way that fine aggregate fills the voids between coarse aggregates. This research shows the result of an experimental program carried out to find the suitability of (SF) and (MK) combination to produce High Performance Mortar (HPM). The optimal doses of (SF) and (MK) in combination were found to be 9% and 11% (by weight) respectively, when used as partial replacement of (OPC).




High Performance Mortar, Silica Fume, Metakaolin, Supplementary Cementitious Materials

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