Methods for Determination of Hydraulic Flow Units Using Petrophysical Parameters (Case Study from South Pars Gas Field, Iran)

Amir Sepehri, Mohammad Kamal Ghassem Alaskari, Malihe Sadat Kazemi Aria



The purpose of this study is to compare methods for determining hydraulic flow units and to evaluate the quality of the reservoir as well. This study relates to the two reservoir zones K1 and K2, in the Kangan Formation in well SP-a with the Triassic age. In this research, well logging data and petrophysical data, have been used in Geolog and Excel softwares. Various methods have been used to determine hydraulic flow units. Among the existing methods, the Lorenz method and FZI cumulative histogram were preferred to the other methods. By applying methods to the data obtained from Kangan reservoir six and eight flow units were identified respectively for the two reservoir zones of K1and K2. This investigation showed that in the (SP_a) well at depth interval between 2860-3010 meters total of Fourteen hydraulic flow units have been selected. Based on our calculations and interpretation of well data, reservoir zones of K2 have higher reservoir quality than K1. The study of gas production from this well shows that determination of hydraulic flow units in the reservoir zones of this well can help to prevent the production of water in the beneficiary zones.


Hydraulic flow units, quality of reservoir, Kangan Formation, South Pars gas Field.

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