New Unsaturated Copolyesters: Synthesis and Characterizations

Momen Sayed Abdelaty


New series of unsaturated copolyesters based on diarylidenecyclohexanone, were synthesized by the interfacial polycondensation polymerization technique. Aldol condensation reaction in acid media was used for preparation of three kinds of monomers and investigated by FT IR and 1H NMR. The copolymers have been synthetized by the  polymerization of  2,6-bis(4-hydrxybenzylidene) cyclohexanone I, 2,6-bis(3-hydroxybezylidene) cyclohexanone II, or 2,6-bis(4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzylidene) cyclohexanone III with isophthaloyl, terphthaloyl, adipoyl, sebacoyl and azobenzene 4,4-dicaroxyldichloride.The resulting copolyesters were characterized by FT-IR, 1HNMR. The intrinsic viscosity of these copolyesters was used for the determination of the molecular weight. The thermal stabilities of the prepared copolyesters were evaluated thermogravimeteric analysis (TGA). Differential thermal analysis (DTA) was used for determination of glass temperatures. X–ray analysis showed that polymers have low degree of crystallinity. The morphological properties of some selected copolyesters were detected by SEM. The dielectric and electrical resistance, capacitance, inductance, demonstrating the insulator behaviour of copolymers


Copolyesters, unsaturated, synthesis, characterization, diarylidenecyclohexanone, dielectric.

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