Contents of Pedagogical Disciplines Aimed at Continuous Didactic Training of Medical Students

Kadirova Munira Rasulovna


This article analyzes the content of pedagogical disciplines aimed at the intensification of didactic training. The methodology of intensification of didactic training of medical students is justified, one is selected from the system of disciplines that is fundamental and integrates all the specifics of the specialty profile, a list of academic disciplines that provide and close this profile discipline is determined. The structure and content of pedagogical disciplines are reflected in curricula, programs, training and teaching aids, and textbooks. The curriculum is a state document that defines the mandatory list and volume of subjects studied by year of study. In the process of creating recommendations for improving curricula, the main tasks of continuing education were solved. In the process of creating recommendations for improving curricula, the main tasks of continuing education were solved.


Didactic Training, Intensification, Substantiation, Method, Content, Pedagogical Disciplines.

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