An Academic Live Streaming Multimedia for Video and Audio Workshop

Ihedioha Uchechi Michael, Nnamdi Johnson Ezeora, Onyedeke Obinna C, Gregory E. Anichebe, Ezema Modesta, Obayi Adaora Angela, Uzo Izuchukwu Uchenna, Victor Umesiobi, Mathew Daniel E


This work creates unlimited privileges for academic users to access videos and audio contents for educational, entertainment, advertisement and other purposes. It allows users to become fully absorbed in its multimedia content by utilizing a variety of multimedia elements such as audio and video elements and its technologies. It creates a support for user reaction, it also provides statistical support to track the period when users listened to an audio or video content. It also provides a functionality for representing speech from audio or video content in text.


Video Portal, Audio Portal, Multimedia, Archives, Audio Or Video

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