Etiopathogenesis and Pathomorphological Indicators of Finger Diseases in Impored Productive Animals

B.Ya. Nuriddinov, H.B. Niyazov


It was noted that in the specialized farms of Samarkand region, the diseases incidence in the finger region among cows ranges from 12% to 21%, 68% of the hind limbs were found to be affected, mostly in infected cows, and 56.7% of 4 toes were injured, with no significant differences in the injury degree to the 3rd and 4th toes of the forelegs.


Hoof Ulcer ( Ulcus Coronae), Interdigital Skin Ulcer (Ulcus Interdigitalae), Soft Compensation Wound (Ulcus Pulvinus Digitalis), Bed Sores (Ulcus Articulationis Phalanges Primae), Pododermatitis, Dermatitis Between The Hooves ( Dermatitis Interdigital

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