Elaboration of the process of debarination – defluorination of molecular and ionic systems by creation of nanotechnologies and nanosystems

George Bibileishvili, Manana Mamulashvili, Zaza Javashvili



    In the work the problems of ionic and molecular selection of the solutions of various mineralization are considered. Along this line the nanotechnology of membrane two - stage ultra –and nanofiltration   processes for debarination-defluorination of natural mineral water has been elaborated. The filtration process was carried out at membrane laboratory plant created for debarination-defluoriation of Borjomi mineral water (Georgian resort“Borjomi”). Nanofiltration NFX, NFS (Synder Filtration)   type membranes with were used. The quantitative index of the ions was determined by means of ion-selective membrane electrodes.

   As a result of the research it was found that at various mass and concentration of ions of the waters of varying mineralization, because of the provision of the membranes of different ability for selection and of their optimal regime parameters the prediction of the control of quantitative index of the selection process of chemical elements has been made possible.

    It has been established that the regulation of molecular and ionic composition of Borjomi natural mineral water is possible by means of baromembrane processes, confirmed by the methods of ionometric research, by the purposeful deionization of the mineral water. After filtration the concentration of barium and fluorine in the mineral water is reduced to maximum permissible concentration, in accordance with the regulation of Euro Union “Normative foundation of mineral waters”, 2003/40 EU, 2003.16.05


Key words: ionic selection, nanofiltration, membrane electrodes, concentration, mineral water

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.52155/ijpsat.v23.2.2336


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