Innovative Constructive Technology in the Tractors and Vehicles Technical Service

Shukhrat Razzakov Tursunovich


The tractors and cars (energy resources) maintenance (M) growing importance is indicated by statistical data not only in our country, but also data from other countries. At machine-building plants, 8 ... 12% workers are engaged in maintenance and repair. Their number is growing day by day as a high labor intensity result of machines maintenance. For example, in the last ten years, the industrial workers number has increased by 50%, and the employed people number in maintenance and repairs has increased by 70%.

Therefore, the reduction in the maintenance labor intensity or its elimination by developing the optimal technical design solution, given by us below, becomes relevant.  


Tractors Maintenance (Service), Cars (Energy Facilities). Improving The Energy Facilities Design Adaptability For Technical (Service) Maintenance.

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