Application of Business Intelligence for Banking Performance Based on Products Analysis

Deden Prayitno Deden


Bank ABC in Indonesia that became the object of research is the National the aim of this research is to improve the quality of decision making in analyzing products in the banking industry for the development of superior product of the bank. A very large bank operating transaction database is not easy to manage, databases are stored in multidimensional data, and are it financial data, credit, demand deposits, deposits, savings, customer identities. The solution of the problem uses Business intelligence (BI) as a stable analytical tool and able to display complete bank detailing information for each product. BI conducts banking product analysis using dashboards, OLAP and reporting. The type of research is applied, where the test using Descriptive method, that is with explain and describes an object with reality. Data comes from secondary data that has been stored in core banking for 3 years (2013 - 2015). ETL is used to extract operational data, transformation and load data to target data warehouse. The results of this research, by applying Business Intelligence can show the performance of the bank from various perspectives during a certain period, based on the analysis of various banking products. This research is expected in the future to contribute to improve the quality of decision making in the banking industry in developing superior products significantly.


Product analysis, bank, performance, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence

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