Validity of Students Work Sheet Problem Based Learning Equipped With Crossword Puzzles on Ecosystem and Environmental Changes for Senior High School

Lidya Trinanda, Ramadhan Sumarmin


Schools provide opportunities for teachers to develop student worksheet in accordance with the mandate of the 2013 curriculum. based on the analysis, schools are still using student worksheet circulating in the market, and student worksheet developed by teachers only on certain materials only. in addition, on ecosystem materials and environmental changes it is known that the competence of learners is still under kkm. to address this problem then developed student worksheet based PBL equipped with crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles is added to student worksheet so that learners can refine the concept of the material that has been learned and increase the motivation of learners in learning.
This development research uses a Plomp model consisting of 3 stages, ie 1) initial investigation stage, 2) development or prototype development stage, and 3) assessment. At the initial investigative stage, observations and interviews are conducted to determine problems in learning. At the development stage or prototype development is done on the development of student worksheet, after that done by experts. Student Worksheet practice data is collected by filling in a questionnaire of practicality by teachers and students. While the effectiveness data is derived from the competence of student learning outcomes.
The results showed that student worksheet based on PBL equipped crossword puzzles obtained very valid category with value 86,25%. The category of practicality with teacher response is very practical with a score of 86% and the practicality of the practical response of learners is very practical with a value of 85%. Based on the cognitive competence of learners divided into experimental class and control with the achievement of the final test is 83,7: 73,2. Both data are stated to be normal distribution, homogeneous and it is stated that the hypothesis is accepted. Student worksheet based on PBL equipped with crossword puzzles has also been effective in terms of affective competence and highly effective on psychomotor competence. Based on these results, it can be concluded that student worksheet based PBL equipped crossword puzzles on ecosystem materials and environmental changes for class X SMA N 5 Bukittinggi can be declared valid, practical and effective


Student Worksheet, Problem Based Learning, Crossword Puzzles

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