Healthy Papua Card As The Health Insurance Of Native Papuans (Case Study At Abepura Regional Public Hospital) Public Service Perspective

Yuliance A Burdam, Terianus Luther Safkaur


 This writing aims to analyze the public services and health cost provided as the special health insurance for Native Papuans as instructed by Law Number 21 of 2001 regarding Special Autonomy for Papua. The efforts of Native Papuans to be able to perceive the special health service prevailed in the special autonomous region of Papua. This is a qualitative research with case study approach. The data collection is done through interview, observation, and documentation. The research results show that the principles of easiness, trust, and problem solving have been conducted as in line with the principle of public service. The management of Regional Public Hospital of Abepura should improve innovation on democratic public service management.


Public Service and Healthy Papua Card

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