Large Hematoma Of Rectus Abdominis Muscle As A Rare Surgical Case In A COVID-19 Patient

L Ratiani, L Gabunia, B Shanshashvili, E Pipia, K Machavariani, V Shoshiashvili, K Ghambashidze, M Namoradze, N Intskirveli


Presented article discusses the case of spontaneous   large hematoma of rectus abdominis muscle, developed in a 63-year-old woman during standard in-hospital treatment of COVID-19.

Diagnosis has been confirmed on the basis of clinical, ultrasound and computed tomography findings. Patient underwent conservative treatment, but due to the increase in size of hematoma and patient’s worsened general condition, emergency surgical hematoma evacuation and ligation of damaged lower epigastric artery was performed.

Postoperative period passed without complications. Patient discharged at home under ambulatory follow-up by surgeon.

According to this case could be concluded that conservative treatment of rectus abdominis muscle large hematoma is not always successful and careful monitoring and proper surgical treatment is needed to prevent complication and save the patient’s life.


Rectus Abdominis Muscle, Hematoma, Bleeding, Extravasation.

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