Advanced Strategies Against COVID‑19 Review

Maged Naser, Mohamed MN, Lamia H. Shehata


The arising SARS-CoV-2 viral disease (COVID-19) has caused a worldwide health alert because of its high rate of infection and mortality in people with chronic cardiovascular comorbidities, as well as creating complex clinical conditions. This has constrained mainstream researchers to investigate various techniques that permit combating this viral disease just as treating hazardous fundamental impact of the infection on the individual. In this work, we have evaluated the latest logical proof to give an extensive display in regards to the biotechnological techniques that have been proposed to combat this new viral disease. We have focused in our study on vaccine production, nanotechnology applications, repurposing of known drugs for unrelated pathologies, and the search for bioactive molecules acquired from natural products. The objectives incorporate safely use as possible prophylactic or therapeutic treatment, in view of in silico and in vivo studies, including clinical trials around the world for the right and ideal diagnosis of the infection. This study intends to feature the advancement of groundbreaking thoughts that can diminish the time line for research yield and improve research quality while simultaneously, remembering the efficacy and safety of these potential biotechnological strategies.


(COVID-19, Antivirals, Drugs and COVID-19, Vaccines against COVID-19, Nanotechnology against COVID19)

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