Nutritional And Energy Value Of Non-Traditional Forage Plants For Cultivation In The Arid Zone Of Uzbekistan

Bobokulov N.A., Popova V.V., Rafiev B.Kh.


The results are given on the nutritional and energy value of forage plants recommended for growing in the arid zone - millet, sorghum, quinoa, and mixed crops of millet, sorghum + soybeans. It was found that these plants have a high bioenergetic value and meet the zootechnical standards for fodder plants.


Nutrients, Metabolizable Energy, Digestible Protein, Energy Value

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Bobokulov N.A., Popova V.V. Nutritional value of African millet and sorghum grown in Uzbekistan. International symposium “Protection of the bio-noosphere, ecology. Non-traditional plants, ecology and medicine", Simferopol, Russia, October, 2013.

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