Community Information System A Tool In Social Media

Madubuezi Christian Okoronkwo, Onwuzo Chipman Julia, Chigbundu Kanu Enyioma


Communication with a given cluster target system in social cultural atmosphere demand a means of information distribution with limited stress. Surfing the websites such as “My Space” and “Facebook” has become a prevalent phenomenon in the younger population. Nowadays, social network websites are the integral part of social, learning and working life for community (people with same goals, ideology. The implemented system is to be compiled into a single program from other units and finally tested as whole system. The work has modules. In each modules are require functions, it most return a value System testing is testing conducted on a complete integrated system to evaluate the system's compliance with its specified requirements. The Community Information System as a Social media platform is a graphical representation of members in a community in social network like twitter and Facebook. The community Information system collect user with common idea, market and recommendation. The system collected the products and price per units then automatically compute it and present the total cost of it to the customer.


Community, Information System,Tool, Social Media

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